Proposed Lakeland Freestanding ER Drawing Opposition

The proposed facility would be built near the intersection of South Florida Avenue and Eastway Drive. (Courtesy of City of Lakeland)

LAKELAND, Fla. — A proposed freestanding emergency room along South Florida Avenue in Lakeland is drawing some opposition.

City of Lakeland reviewing site plans Residents concerned about increased traffic along Eastway Drive No comment from facility owners

Some residents in the area are concerned about what they believe will be increased traffic.

The city of Lakeland is reviewing site plans for the Hospital Corporation of America facility, which would be located at the intersection of South Florida Avenue and Eastway Drive.

“There’s quite a few names on here already,” said resident Dana Peers, as she collected a petition signature from a neighbor on Caroline Drive.

Peers’ main concern is a driveway for the ER on Eastway Drive. She believes it will bring more cut through traffic from nearby Cleveland Heights Blvd.

Peers’ son Brendan practices his basketball moves on Caroline Drive. She is worried traffic coming and going from the ER will make conditions less safe.

“He’s not going to be able to play basketball. Out kids aren’t going to play out here and feel safe,” she said.

Neighborhood resident Helen Lingard is also concerned about cut-through traffic. She had passed out fliers opposing the Eastway Drive connection for the ER.

“So everyone who has a child or exercising, walking their dog will be at greater risk because of the traffic,” she said.

Hospital Corporation of America said it did not want to comment about the possible emergency room because plans had not been finalized.

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